Mountaineering and Expedition in Nepal

Everst Expedition (8850m.)

Mt. Everest ( climbing to view point)

Mountaineering and trekking in Nepal has relied heavily on the progress and inspiration developed by various expeditions to Everest.
Much of the attraction of Nepal in the early days resulted from the discovery that the highest peak in the world lay within the forbidden and isolated kingdom.

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Mt. Everest
Mt. Cho-oyu
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Mt. Shisha Pangma

Though it was named Mt Everest by the Survey of India in 1856 after Sir George Everest, retired Surveyor-General of India, the peak had been known by other Names long before.

The Nepalis call it Sagarmatha and the Sherpas call it Chomolungma.
The Chinese now call it Qomolangma feng.

Sagarmatha literally means 'head of the sky' the name was invented in 1956 by Babu ram Acharya, a nepali historian.
The list of attempts and successes on Everest is one of the classics of Mountaineering history.

By 1989 there had been 274 ascents of Everest, including several by people who climbed it two or more times. At the end of 2003 the record stood at 449 expeditions, 900 different people had reached the summit (counting the more the 30 people climbing more then 5 time 40 people climbing more then 2 time is total 1000 ascents), and 160 climbers had been illed. The following section lists all the Everest expeditions until 1982. By 1983 both china and Nepal allowed several expeditions on the mountain at the same time,
Causing traffic jams, queues for the use overrates and fixed ropes, confusion, squabbles, crowded base camps and the inevitable trashing of the mountain.