About Us

Adventure Fairsteps Holiday Treks & Expedition, is established by Mr. Kumar Basnet as a private limited company, more than 8 years ago. His individual experience and professional activities in the field of Travel and Tourism dates back more than 15 years. With his extensive knowledge and involvement, he has personally traveled, trekked and climbed in most of the areas of Nepal to include the summit of Mount Everest.

Our programs and the itineraries are customized to match the skills and the interest of our visitors. At Fairsteps Holiday Adventure Trekking, we work with the prospective, that being good enough is not good enough. Excellence is our pursuit and endeavors. Therefore we provide the best of everything in every field. We have a commitment of good, comfortable and reliable travelling as well as challenging and adventurous tourism. We have a commitment towards our country and the world, that we have to show this to our visitors as it's never been seen before.

Because of the vast experience of many years in the field of Travel and Tourism, Mr. Kumar Basnet and his team of well trained travel experts organize and operate tours, treks, expedition and research projects with top quality service and responsible tourism. Mr. Kumar Basnet himself over sees every tour, trek, expedition and project. They are all well planned and carried out in detail from the very start to finish. He has personally trekked and traveled in most of the routes and is well aquatinted with the local people as well as the place.