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Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s oldest and most protected national park. It offers unforgettable wildlife adventures. Riding on elephant back allows sightings, sometimes close-up, of the many jungle residents; deer, birds, the rare One Horned Rhinoceros, the Bengal Tiger and Leopards.

This park, 932 sq. km in area, is one of the finest wildlife parks in Southeast Asia. It has over 50 species of mammals, 450 species of birds, 45 species of amphibians and reptiles. A tiger or a single horned rhino may suddenly appear. Less dramatic, yet exciting, different types of deer, wild boar, and sloth bears can be seen.

Transport is available according to taste and need. Elephants and jeeps are most suitable for those interested in looking at the animals. Crocodile enthusiasts and anglers can go on canoes down the river. There are nature treks to see and enjoy the many different birds in the park.

Please Note: Chitwan is not a zoo, but an open conservation area with a dense population of wild animals. Gaida Wildlife Camp recommends only guided trips into the park (for safety and education). Guides know the location for specific animals and how to respect their behavior and territory.

Making a Difference - Conservation and Sustainable Tourism require help and financing. Gaida Wildlife Camp supports institutions and policy making directed to this. Its staff assist local agencies by loaning jeeps and elephants to them. Park rangers join guests for a complimentary dinner as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts.

Villages often make requests for financial support. The Camp helps them in building roads, schools and tube-wells for water.

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