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Visas to Tibet

Obtaining Tibet Visas: Normal Visa fees: US$26 per person. Clients traveling to Tibet should arrive in Kathmandu at least 4 days prior to departure to Tibet to process a Tibet Visa with Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu (Ph: 4411740 visa section). A visa to travel through China is not applicable to Tibet. The Chinese Embassy is open for visa applications from 9 AM to 12 AM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you want to obtain the visa in a single day, the embassy will charge another US$ 17.00. Visa rules have been revised as of September 2001. A Chinese Visa will not entitle you to travel to Tibet. The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), a government agency, also requires a Tibet entry permit.

Note: The Chinese Government will not give out visas to single people, only groups of 4 people or more. The Chinese government encourages (strongly) travelers to enter the country in groups. Individuals have been known to 'walk' across the border, but this practice is not recommended.

Tourist Season: From April to October. Nepal's low season is during the monsoon, from June to August. This is the perfect time to head up to Tibet.
Weather: Tibet is not as cold as it sounds. During tourist season it is cold in night and warm and sunny at day. The temperature falls dramatically in shade and at night.

High Altitude Sickness: This could happen to any guest in high altitude. Headache, nausea, vomiting and short breath are the common symptoms. To avoid the effects of altitude, take Diamox (or and equivalent drug) everyday (many locals in Nepal advise eating fresh garlic). Drink water frequently. Take high calorie protein food.

What to Bring: Summer cloths for the daytime and winter cloths for the evening. Snuggles, Sun cream, Sunhat, Rainy coat, vitamins and proteins food are advisable to bring with. Small tit bits for long drive will be helpful.
How to Get to Tibet from Nepal: Flying to and from Tibet is popular among travelers on a short schedule. A spectacular view of the mountains is almost guaranteed.

Driving to Tibet overland and flying out of Tibet, however, is possibly the most popular option to see the dramatic changes in geography from Kathmandu Valley, over the Himalayas and onto the Tibetan plateau. Driving into Tibet offers the added benefit of more time to acclimatize to high altitude.

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