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quick links... Us: was established in 1997, as a private sector organization with an aim to develop, promote and tap Nepal's tourism potentials in the world tourism market. This was the first website in Nepal to make the comprehensive travel information available online.

Our Mission:

Take Nepal beyond physical boundaries and communication barriers by providing the Internet community with updated and reliable information on Nepal like travel, culture, religion, art, history, tradition, IT and E-Commerce, investment opportunities, etc. has set the following objectives:

Promote Nepal as a desirable tourist destination.
Build Visit Nepal as the strongest brand in south Asia and International market.
Work together with the tourism entrepreneurs in Nepal and abroad for greater collective goal.
Encourage Nepalese entrepreneurs to advertise their services on and benefit by becoming a partner of larger network.
Provide updated, accurate and extensive information on Nepal. Entrepreneurs, professionals, experts and consumers provide regular inputs on culture, tradition, business opportunities and special events in Nepal for your information.

Behind is the brainchild of Mahendra Poudyal, one of the first computer consultants in Nepal. Mahendra Poudyal is currently the CEO of (Nepal's leading travel information network). He is innovative by nature and has established himself as a very successful businessman. He says it is very important to think globally as today's consumers can select products, ideas, advertisements and even friends from different nations and cultures.

His business activities in Nepal and US, at present include website design, hosting, internet promotion, consulting, worldwide hotel booking and money transfer.

He says the travel industry in Nepal has realized the importance and benefits of networking with His trend-setting technological application includes:

First easily accessible and affordable email service to tourists in Thamel, the most popular tourist area in Kathmandu.
First website launched for Visit Nepal 98’ program – much earlier than the Nepal Government.
First to offer Internet access as a tourist service.
First to offer Internet faxing.
Owner of Kathmandu's largest cyber café (EasyLink Cyber Café). Read more about EasyLink Cyber Café on (Backpackers in Nepal stay wired on the trail). How the world awaits at EasyLink Cyber Café? Read more about BBC news article - Nepal tragedy raises internet profile.
First to create Internet society to serve tourist market.
First to offer Internet telephone service to tourists.
First to establish MoneyGram Agent in Nepal.
First Travel Information Network ( for Nepal.
Provider of online phone card service for Nepalese abroad via
Owner of and
Secretary of Dallas Everest Lions Club (2005-2006), District 2x-1, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Vice president & IT department head of Everest Media USA, Inc. (Nepali Radio Station in Dallas, Texas, USA) and much more.

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