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The Best Saturn phone card rate for Kathmandu is 12.00¢/min

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International Phone Cards
If you've taken a closer look at your recent long-distance phone bill, you may have noticed the rate has gone up. But if you use a phone card, you'll spend as little as 2-3 cents a minute for long-distance calls and possibly for your overseas calls too.

But finding a quality phone card, without decent rates and no fees are rare. calling card provides the lowest rate and quality connection to Nepal using Toll Free or Local Access Numbers in the US. For your convenience SPEED DIAL feature is also available.

The Best phone card rates for
Kathmandu is 12.00¢/min. $ 10 card gives 53 minutes call time to outside Kathmandu.

Pre-paid phone cards are calling cards you pay for in advance. You can either spend a flat amount of money, say $15 or $25, or you can purchase a certain amount of long-distance minutes. Remember that it's never been easier to stay in touch while you're on the road. If you have a calling card pin with you while you are on the road that will make your job a lot easier to keep in touch with your families, friends, travel agents, hotels, etc. You can use calling cards to call anywhere anytime.

The best and cheapest pre-paid cards are available on These cards allow you to make long-distance and international calls for as little as two and a half cents a minute or just 75 cents for a half an hour call.

The best pre-paid phone card deals have no connection or any other hidden fees, offer an automatic recharge option, feature US$ rates of less than 4 cents per minute, low international rates and round up your calls to the next minute.

But be aware of phone card gotchas, including mandated a minute surcharge if you use your card from a public phone. Also, some hotels block pre-paid card access numbers and some companies will subtract expensive connection fees from the amount on your card. If you lose your card, you lose your minutes, so keep it safe and don't use your card to call directory assistance; it'll cost you more than a buck for one minute.

If you're calling or traveling overseas, a pre-paid phone card is the way to go. The rates are as low as 3.9 cents a minute to call Canada, 2.39 cents to Australia, 10 cents per minute to India and just 23.33 cents to Kathmandu, Nepal. It all sounds great but just make sure you are dialing for cents and not dollars.

Another nice thing about a pre-paid phone card is that you can give it away as a holiday gift to someone and help and teach people to stay connected within their budgets.

We have listed some featured cards here which you can able to buy online. For the more varieties of calling cards you can visit their website directly at:

EuroMaster calling card provides the lowest long distance rates to many countries using Toll Free Access Numbers in the US and Toll Free/Local Access numbers in Canada. For your convenience SPEED DIAL feature is also available. The Best EuroMaster phone card rate for Kathmandu is 14.49¢/min.

Tiger calling card is one of the best calling cards for international phone calls to Asian countries. The card provides High Quality connection and has Toll Free Access for the US and Toll Free/Local Access for Canada, it can also be used from other countries.

Tiger phone card can be used from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Ireland - Dublin, Italy, Italy - Rome, Netherlands, Spain, Spain - Barcelona, Spain - Madrid, Sweden, Sweden - Stockholm, Switzerland, UK, UK - London and USA.

Everest calling card is a Permanent PIN card with Refill feature and PIN Free Access option. Toll Free Access number is accessible from the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto-Rico, and from Canada as well. Low international rates to many countries with high quality connection. Enjoy Everest calling card and use its great benefits!

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