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The heaviest baggage for a traveler is an empty purse.

Old English Proverb

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Shopping Experience in Nepal

Best known for its majestic Himalayas, rich art, culture and tradition, Nepal is a shopper’s paradise as well.

While in Nepal, shopping turns into a whole new experience with a huge market catering to every need of yours. The best of shops are in the capital itself, ranging from fashion wear, traditional wear, accessories, hand made garments, jewelry, DVDs, gems, brass items, perfumes, the list is never ending. You name it and the shops have it! You will be amazed to find genuine international brand names along side original Nepalese products. The choice of course is yours as to what you prefer. The shopping spree is not limited though to Kathmandu only. The markets of Pokhara and Dharan are also awash with all kinds of products that suit your taste and budget.

Till recent years, supermarkets like the Blue Bird and Bhat Bhateni reined the capital. But with the recent opening of Malls like the Kathmandu Mall and the United Trade Center, you can find everything under one roof at very reasonable prices. But if you opt for international brand-names, the best choice would be the King's Way. You can find Ralph Lauren, Nina Ricci, Playboy, Omega, Samsonite, Benetton and Christian Dior, all lined up on the either side of the road at King's way.

Nevertheless, genuine, original and unique products of Nepal have had their own attraction and fan following. You can find hand made garments that include caps, socks, mittens and other items. Similarly, Nepal boasts of its traditional Nepalese paper known as 'Rice Paper'. Many stores in Patan and Thamel sell various items made out of this special kind of paper. Pashmina and wood carving are other products of Nepal every tourist would like to posses.

Similarly, Asan is one place you could spend all day walking your way through the many little streets. The crowded space of narrow alleys in Asan is mostly jam-packed with hawkers and small shops on both the sides of the road. You will be amazed to find shops selling clothes, shoes, beads, gold, vegetable, spices, flowers, fish, bags....and many more. It could possibly end up being one of the most chaotic shopping experiences you have ever had. The only thing you have to take for shopping, apart from money, are your bargaining skills. You will be shocked to get things at very low prices if you know how to bargain well.
If you are an avid reader, the Pilgrims book House is the answer. With outlets at various parts of the city, the store has a stunning collection of Nepali, Hindi and English books to choose from. The store also has maps, manuscripts, rare books, music, posters, postcards, calendars, incense, and more!

A walk along the Kupondole road has many crafts shop namely Mahaguthi and Dhukuti among others. These shops produce, export and market crafts from Nepal. These non-profit organizations aim at economic empowerment of disabled people by working with small producers and artisans. The profit generated by these shops is used for rehabilitation centers and for running various projects for improving livelihood.

To add the fun element to your shopping experience, all kind of shops ranging from departmental stores to mall to small shopping centers have various discount and sale offers. You just have to be at the right place at the right time to make the most of your money!
Enjoy your shopping experience and shop till you drop!

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