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..In some countries there is no hunger for bread. But people are suffering from terrible loneliness, terrible despair, terrible hatred, feeling unwanted, helpless, hopeless. They have forgotten how to smile, they have forgotten the beauty of the human touch. They are forgetting what is human love.

~ Mother Teresa

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Non Governmental Organizations in Nepal

With the mushrooming of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) in Nepal, almost every Nepali seems to know about NGO’s, their function and importance in the development of the country and every single people in general.

The number of NGOs in Nepal is growing rapidly. There are approximately 6,000 NGOs recognized by the Government. It is estimated that more than 15, 000 NGO’s in Nepal are working in various sectors. Nepal being one of the poorest countries in the world, the development of NGOs reaching the grassroots level seems mandatory. NGOs play a pivotal role in the socioeconomic structure of the country. The emphasis laid by the Government for the development of NGO sector has also created a favorable environment for the increasing number and growth of those non profit making organizations.

Most of NGOs in Nepal are foreign aided while some have been established and supported by the local community. There are lots of International Non Governmental Organizations known as INGOs that are making a difference in the lives of the people in Nepal. The NGOs in Nepal are established with a set goal and they are actively working in various sectors like destitute and orphan children, women empowerment, welfare of senior citizens, etc. There are many NGOs registered as sole women’sNGOs. These NGOs run by women work exclusively for the betterment of women.

NGO Registration
A group of seven or more citizens can apply to register an NGOs in any of the Chief District Administration (CDO) offices present in 75 districts in Nepal, specifying the name, address, objective and source of funding including the names of the management committee members. And the registration must be renewed annually. Most of the NGOs in Nepal are either registered with CDO office or under Social Welfare Council (SWC), a government body established to coordinate and facilitate NGOs and INGOs in Nepal. It is important that the NGOs and INGOs are registered under SWC in order to obtain the tax and other specified facilities accorded by the Government.

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