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... Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.

~Andy Warhol.

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Forum of International Investor in Nepal

An Invitation: Potential investors, donors, and government policy makers are invited to benefit from the experience of FIIN's members.

Our Threefold Objectives:

To help attract foreign investors by supplying them with current information and an orientation on the local investment climate,

To reinforce HMG in its efforts to liberalize the economy, and to inform the administration about investor concerns and difficulties,

To provide services to foreign investors and a means to pool their experience in order to improve the business environment.

What We Do: FIIN is an association of both established and registering foreign investors who must obtain visas to work in Nepal. Members help improve Nepal's economic environment in such areas as permits, licenses, visas, Company Act, Labor Act, Income Tax Act, trademarks, intellectual property rights, contract law, arbitration, stock exchange regulations, and banking laws.

As a lobbying group, FIIN assists HMG in ways to improve the inflow of investment capital, services, and know-how; to seek fair treatment for existing investors; to promote better systems of conflict resolution; and to find ways to reduce unnecessary political, market, management, and technical risks for international - and domestic - investors.

FIIN has gathered translations of relevant laws and regulations, and will make available the practical experience of its members. Copies of these materials and a briefing can be arranged by calling one of the FIIN members listed below. For non-members, a courtesy payment is expected to help defray ongoing research and lobbying costs by FIIN.

Who We Are: Members have registered (or are seeking to register) a business in Nepal. They provide aluminum framing, architecture, banking, carpet design, electric vehicles, food retailing, rescue and security services, solar energy, textiles, tourist facilities, and cable transport systems.

FIIN welcomes as co-members the bilateral chambers, the international section of the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and any organization established abroad which does business with Nepal.

Name Phone Number
Adam Friedensohn
Robin Marston
David Sowerwine
Werner Blaser
D. H. Kim
Patricia O’Sullivan
Emil Wendel

Please note all numbers are dialed with a preceding (977-1)

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