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On a bicycle I am exposed
to all local experiences as
no other modern traveller
can hope to be. Moving
quietly along at gentle
speeds allows me to see,
hear, and smell ...
I can stop wherever and
whenever I want to...
I am able to respond to
the greetings of workers
in the fields, passers-by,
and friendly villagers.

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Biking Kathmandu Valley - Day Trips

Biking around the valley offers a great way to escape the city and merge with the local people and landscape. You can rent a bike around the local tourist areas of get the help of one of our sponsors. They'll even take you to the top of the valley rim by shuttle so the entire day is spend going downhill and exploring. If you want to set out on your own, here are a few options below.


Set off towards Kakani off the bifurcation at Balaju. It is a slow and easy ascent to this hill resort 23 km northwest of Kathmandu. The entire trip offers a magnificent view of the valley along with the fresh and serene atmosphere of the hills. The route passes through forests, waterfalls and meadows. There are several restaurants on the way if you feel like resting or munching on some snacks.


For mountain bikers looking for a peaceful ride, the road leading from Bhaktapur to Dhulikhel, a hill resort 32 km east of Kathmandu, is simply terrific. The highway hardly sees any traffic and the view is magnificent. Dhulikhel can also be approached from Banepa, 4 km east of Dhulikhel, and Nala, 4 km northwest of Banepa. Further hiking to Panauti, three hours south of Dhulikhel, is possible. A day’s walk to Namobuddha is also a lot of fun.

bhaktapur-changu narayan

Walking north from Bhaktapur, turn left from the road leading to Nagarkot to reach Changu Narayan. The six-hour walk is an easy one with panoramic views of the mountains, fields and the Manohara river. There is also a small village on the eastern side of the temple. A hike to Nagarkot from Changu Narayan takes five hours and is more adventurous.


Starting off towards the east from Sankhu, it takes around three-four hours to hike to Nagarkot, a hill resort 32 km east of Kathmandu. The road passes through terraced fields and strutted houses. This route is fun for mountain biking too. Returning from Nagarkot, you can take a different route leading towards Banepa via Nala which takes five-six hours.


The 114-km highway starting from the bifurcation off Thimi is the Arniko Highway that links Kathmandu with Lhasa. The tranquility of terraced fields against the backdrop of green hills and snowcapped mountains and interrupted by brick factories on the roadside is what a hike on the Arniko Highway offers. Hike or bike to Suryamode and rest in one of the restaurants. It takes four days in total to reach the border between Nepal and Tibet and return, if biking. The trail passes different villages and has the best presentation of rural life. Stay overnight at Dhulikhel/Barhabise and Tatopani.

chobhar-champa devi

Chobhar hill, situated 6 km south of Kathmandu, can be reached on bike in 15 minutes from the dirt road leading off from the Ring Road at Dhobighat. The Chobhar Gorge and the Jal Vinayak temple are situated here. After another 15 minutes’ biking from here at Khare Bazaar, follow the dirt road leading to the right. On reaching Bansbari, hike for two hours through forest area to reach Champa Devi. This is an ideal place from where to view the whole valley. The return route can be different reaching anywhere between Pikhel and Pharping.

around kirtipur

Kirtipur is situated 6 km southwest of Kathmandu and can be reached in half an hour on bike. On reaching the main bazaar, head north uphill to the Bagh Bhairav temple which has an interesting tale. Bike further uphill to reach the Shiva-Parvati temple from where you can have a splendid view of the Kathmandu Valley. Return to the bazaar and take the road leading southwest and then follow a dirt road to the Adinath Lokeswar temple.

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