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22 Days Langtang & Gosainkund

The Langtang valley is according to Tilman "one of the world’s most beautiful valleys". The route allows one to experience the Himalayan vistas n a short time. On the second leg of the trek we travel to Gossaikund, a sacred place for Hindus, set on a mountain top and dotted with lakes. The twin trip of Langtang and Gosainkung according to Toru Nakano gives the trekker, "the greatest pleasures that trekking has to offer."

Day 01: Kathmandu
Arrival and transfer to hotel.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu
Free for private excursions.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 03:
Kathmandu-Dhunche (2040m)

Drive to Trisuli bazaar and continue onto Dhunche after lunch. We will set up camp at Dhunche. The journey from Kathmandu to Dhunche will take about 8 hours. Should the road condition not be good, then we will drive to Ramche and then proceed to walk to Dhunche (2040m). Overnight at camp.

Day 04: Dhunche-Syabru
We begin by walking through cultivated area and descending the forested area and descending the forested area down to the Trisuli river as it drains out from the Gosainkund lakes. we cross the suspension bridge and climb steeply along a stream . Later we climb the mountainside and emerge atop a ridge. We take a narrow path skirting around a ridge followed by cultivated fields to start climbing at a steady pace. We cross leveled land and a forested patch and follow the mountain path to the end of a ridge which gives a view of Syabru (2230m) and the Langtang river. Walking time is about 6 hours today.
Overnight at camp.

Day 05: Syabru-Ghore Tabela
We descend down the ridge past fields, houses and through a forest to Chopche stream. We cross a bridge and start along a mountain path leading to a ridge snout. From here we descend a steep forested slope to the Langtang river. We cross a bridge and head up through a winding path. We then enter a forest on a gentle ascent to gradually gain altitude. We pass Gumma and climb a steep hill to come to Ghore Tabela (3010m) set in a wide valley. Walking time is about 6 hours today.
Overnight at camp.

Day 06: Ghore Tabela-Kyanjin Gompa
Cut across fields and cross a steep hill. Here the forest line ends. We follow a gentle path leading to alpine meadows. Ascends up the meadows to enter the village of Langtang. We pass through the stone-built village and climb to a Chorten and past a huge mani along a gentle path along a hill. The valley transfers to a U-shaped one (glacial valley) as we enter a level river-bed. Kimshun (6745m) and Tsenji (6543m) Himal become visible. After crossing a lateral moraine we arrive at Kyanjin Gompa (3840m). Walking time is about 5 hours today. Overnight at camp.

Day 07: Kyanjin Gompa-Langsisa Kharka
We enter a wide rolling alluvial delta and cross a stream to arrive at a airstrip. From here Langtang Lirung can be seen clearly. We follow the stream and climb the terraced hills to arrive at Jatang. After Jatang we descend to a dry river-bed only to climb up-hill once again. From here the lateral Shalbachum glacier is visible. We cut across a meadow and climb the moraine for a grandstand view of the surrounding mountains such as Langsisa Kharaka (4175m approx.).
Spend the afternoon relaxing here. Walking time is about 4 hours today.
Overnight at camp.

Day 08: Langsisa Kharka-Langtang Village
Return journey to Dhunche, traveling upto Langtang village for the night. Walking time is about 6 hours today.
Overnight at camp.

Day 09: Langtang Village -Lama Hotel
Walking time is about 5 hours today before camp.

Day 10: Lama Hotel-Syabru-Shin Gompa
From Lama hotel to Syabru is about three and a half hours walk. From here we take the broad path climbing up to Dimsa village and through a rhododendron forest path to Shin Gompa (3300m).
Total walking time is about 6 hours to camp.

Day 11: Shin Gompa-Gosainkund
We climb gently through rhododendron covered mountainside to the top of the ridge and through a forested area. We return to the ridge path and climb a wider route to arrive at a ‘Kharka’. (alpine meadow used for summer grazing). We continue along the wide path which soon turns rocky. We weave our way along the right flank as we approach the Trisuli river. Now the mountain slope eases and the first lake appears. At the second lake we climb a little and the third lake sees us at Gosainkund (4310m). We have the balance of the day to relax in the vicinity of the lake. Total walking time is about 5 hours.
Overnight at camp.

Day 12: Gosainkund-Gopte
We ascend through a rocky but gentle slope to Suryakund pass (4640m) after which we descend into a wide valley leading to a Kharka. We enter the steep mountainside path that does a Yo-Yo routine. After we pass several streams the path eases. But very soon we climb a steep flank and cross a branch ridge to arrive at Gopte (3430m) with its cave. Total walking time is about 6 hours.
Overnight at camp.

Day 13: Gopte-Kutumsang
We descend through a forested area and climb through a dry river-bed to arrive at a Kharka that is surrounded by rhododendron forest. We climb through the forest to arrive at the village of Thare Pati. Climbing the ridge directly above the village gives us a marvelous view of the Jugal area. We take the path that climbs to the ridge and arrives at a village. From here we enter a forested area, again ascending and descending several times. After Bagan Ko Dhara, we descend continuously to arrive at Kutumsang (2460m).Total walking time is about 6 hours. Overnight at camp.

Day 14 : Kutumsang-Borong Bhanj
We follow the ridge route and descend through cultivated fields. We pass through Ghul Bhanjyang, climbing the ridge and wind our way to the top of the ridge (2470m) to cross over to Chipling. We continue along the path to arrive at Pati Bhanjyang. We then begin to climb a ridge route for Chiso Pani (2215m). Ascending through a forested area we finally arrive at Borong Bhanjyang (2300m approx.). Total walking time is about 7 hours. Overnight at camp.

Day 15: Borong Bhanj-Sundarijal-Kathmandu
From Borong Bhanjyang to Sundarijal is a journey of one hour only through heavy traffic. We descend past Koslo Bash and onto Mul Kharaka. Soon after we arrive at the reservoir. From here we catch the stone paved path down to Sundarijal. Vehicle will be waiting to take us to Kathmandu, an hour away. Check in at hotel.
Afternoon is free.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 16: Kathmandu
Free for private excursions.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 17: Kathmandu-Chitwan
Drive to Chitwan by private vehicle.
In the afternoon elephant ride
Overnight at Lodge.

Day 18: Chitwan
Full day jungle activities
Overnight at Lodge

Day 19: Chitwan
Day at leisure
Overnight at Hotel.

Day 20: Chitwan-Kathmandu
Depart for Kathmandu
Overnight at Hotel.

Day 21: Kathmandu
Free day.
Overnight at Hotel.

Day 22: Departure


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