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22 Days Kanchenjunga Treks

Kanchenjunga is situated on the eastern border of Nepal. Its main peak is the third highest in the world (8586m). Several other peaks in the Kanchenjunga range are over 8000m.The trek to this area is probably the best that trekking has to offer in terms if lush natural beauty. Traveling into the Yalung glacier and over the Lapsang La and down the difficult route back to Taplejung is an unforgettable experience. However, as the trip crosses the 4000m mark several times, one must not hurry and must be very careful of high altitude sickness. Due to the remoteness of the trek you are advised to be sufficiently stocked with necessities.

Day 01: Kathmandu
Arrive in Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu
Free for private excursions.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 03: Kathmandu-Talejung-Lalikharka
Fly to Taplejung. We will be met by our trekking crew at Suiketar airport situated at an elevation of 2300m. Taplejung Bazaar can be seen from here. This area is inhabited by Sherpas, Limbus, Rais, Gurungs, Brahmins and Chhetriyas.

Day 04: Lalikharka-Sinechowk-Bhanjyang
After breakfast we start walking down through a number of villages and fields for 4 hours until we reach Fawa Khola where we will have our lunch. After lunch we proceed to Sinechowk Bhanjyang. It takes 4 hours to reach there from the river. This is our night camp and if the weather permits Kanchenjunga can be viewed.

Day 05: Sinechowk-Bhanjyang-Ponpe Danda
90 minutes walk after breakfast, will see us down at Khesewa Khola (1700m). From here it takes 1 and half hour to Fun-Fun. Later we reach Anpan (1690m) where we have lunch. After we proceed to Ponpe Danda, placed at the crest of a ridge, for night camp.Jannu may be seen in the distance.

Day 06: Ponpe Danda-Yamphundin
We walk down to the Khesewa khola and climb a bit before reaching Mamankhe, a large Limbu settlement (1790m). Most of the people of this village have joined the British and Indians armies as Gurkhas. Ponpe Danda to Mamankhe is 2 hours walk. Here we begin an easy climb to Dekadin village. We follow the winding path to rise about 300m and then descend to cross Kabeli Khola, climb a ridge route past villages and fields to finally arrive at Yamphundin (2150m), the most remote hamlet in the area housing a post office and school. Total walking hours is 7 before camp.

Day 07: Yamphundin-Omje Khola
A walk of 4 hours along a steep ridge reaches us to Dhupi Bhanjyang (2320m). From here we walk through a dense forest to reach Omje Khola (2250m) for night camp.

Day 08: Omje Khola-Simbu Khola
The morning sees us walking a stiff incline through thick forest where we can see a variety of vegetation and wildlife. We will reach Lamite Bhanjyang (3430m) after 5 hours. Jannu appears before you. A further 3 hours will take us down to Simbu Khola (2800m).
Overnight at camp.

Day 09: Simbu Khola-Tseram
The morning sees us gaining height to reach Torontan (3080m). We continue climbing upstream along the Simbu khola through thick rhododendron and pine forests. We will stop at Whata for lunch. After lunch we across a stream and travel along the path through thick forest climbing all the time. After the forested area, we enter the riverbed path and climb to reach Tseram (3950). Tserram has a number of bivouac caves. From here we can see the terminal moraine of the Yalung glacier and the two peaks of Kabru (7353m) and Talung peak (7349m).
Overnight at camp.

Day 10: Tseram-Ramze
We temporarily descend to Simbu khola to climb back to the terraced hills to arrive at Yalung Bara, the beginning of the snow-line. We climb steadily, keeping to the side of Yalung glacier, to pass Lapsang with its small lakes. We follow the level path leading to Ramze (4560m), to set camp.
It will take us 4 hours to cover this distance.

Day 11: Ramze
Rest day, with a possible excursion into the Yalung glacier to go to the ‘heart’ of the Kanchenjunga range. As we turn the bend of the glacier, Kanchenjunga appears.
Overnight at camp.

Day 12: Ramze-Lapsang
Morning is free.
After lunch proceed down to Lapsang, a journey of just 2 hours. This will give us a good head-start for tomorrow's crossing of the Lapsang La.
Overnight at camp.

Day 13: Pramze-Lumba Sama Kharka
A steep incline leads us to a basin. We continue to climb and encounter a steep ridge. Soon we cross a small glacier and climb up to the pass. Upon crossing the pass we descend to a rocky valley with a small glacier. We cross the glacier and the valley opens up and levels out. As the valley begins to slope downward we follow the descent to arrive at the banks of the Yamatari glacier. We continue descending through a small ridge to finally arrive at Lumba Samba Kharka.
Overnight at camp.

Day 14: Lumba Sama Kharka-Ghunsa
Descending the left bank of the glacier we pass Rapka Kharka, and walk down the mountain along the Yamatari Khola. Descending further along a ridge to finally arrive at Ghunsa (3475m).
Overnight at camp.

Day 15: Ghunsa-Kyapra
We cross the Ghunsa Khola bridge and ascend a gentle hill. Soon we will descend through thick rhododendron forest to arrive at Phere. We continue amid cultivated fields that leads to a broad meadow. Soon we will descend a short hill and follow the descending path along the Ghunsa river. At the last stretch we will ascend for Kyapra (2770m). Overnight at camp.

Day 16: Kyapra-Ghaiya Bari
We follow a steep twisting descending path to descend to the river-bed. After following the river for a while we climb the winding path followed by many ups and downs to finally catch a gently downward slopping path to Amjilassa. Amjilassa is a small village set among terraced fields. From here to Ghaiya Bari the going gets tough initially we begin ascending after crossing two streams to be followed by a couple of ups and downs. This is immediately followed by a very difficult descend with rocky outcroppings. This sharp drop should be tackled carefully. Very soon we reach Ghaiya Bari. Overnight at camp.

Day 17: Ghaiya Bari-Chirwa
At the beginning we continue with the twisting and turning to come down the valley and past the Ghunsa Khola to arrive at Sakathon. Hereafter we follow the grassy banks. We cross a suspension bridge and climb up to the village of Helok. We then descend down to the Simbua khola, cross the bamboo bridge and climb up a winding path to reach Tamewa. We descend along the river-bed and down the valley to cross a suspension bridge to finally arrive at Chirwa. Overnight at camp.

Day 18: Chirwa-Thumma
Ascend and traverse a rocky area to arrive at Tewa. We follow the river bed until Sinwa where we leave the river path to join the main route by crossing a bamboo bridge. After we start ascending and descending along a winding path to arrive at Mitlung. From here we travel along gravel path and cross a stream and finally take the narrow path to Thumma. Overnight at camp.

Day 19: Thumma-Taplejung (1798m)
Today’s trek begins with a gentle walk through terraced fields to arrive at the village of Handrung. From here we descend to cross the Tamur river. We follow a narrow rocky path and then through cultivated fields to arrive at the junction of the path coming up from Doban and the path leading to Taplejung. We follow the latter which is a long ascending route until Deoringe. From there the gradient is less and the path winds through fields and forests. As we approach Taplejung, the path is more crowded with people and houses.
Thumma to Taplejung is about 6 hours.
Overnight at camp.

Day 20: Taplejung-Airfield-Biratnagar-Kathmandu
From Taplejung to the airfield is about an hour’s walk, which can be covered the previous day, if one feels like it. Catch the plane to Biratnagar and then on to Kathmandu.
Check in at hotel. Free for the rest of the evening.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 21: Kathmandu
Free day in Kathmandu.
Overnight at camp.

Day 22: Departure for the airport.


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