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...In some countries there is no hunger for bread. But people are suffering from terrible loneliness, terrible despair, terrible hatred, feeling unwanted, helpless, hopeless. They have forgotten how to smile, they have forgotten the beauty of the human touch. They are forgetting what is human love.

~ Mother Teresa

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Recruiting Nepali Manpower

The recruitment of the Nepalis fighters, moreover known as the Gurkhas or the Gurkha Soldiers of Nepal by the British Army almost two centuries ago probably should have been the first stepping stone towards foreign employment for the Nepalis. The Gurkhas showed their loyalty, bravery, hard work and dedication in the battlefields of both the first and second world wars and thus opened the door for the youths of Nepal to serve the British Army and also carved a niche for the Nepali workforce all over the world.

The Nepali manpower is gaining its popularity each day. The Nepalis also aspire to work overseas for better prospects in their lives. Today, lots of Nepalis are into foreign employment and this has not only benefited them but also has helped to make a positive impact on the economy of Nepal. Realizing the potentiality of foreign employment, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal introduced Foreign Employment Act in 1985. Similarly, lots of licensed manpower companies registered with the Government have flourished over the years to supply the surplus Nepali manpower in the high demand countries.

Since Nepal offers a wide category of manpower and the hiring policies are quite simple, many countries are interested to employ Nepali workforce who are already renowned in the world for their simplicity, hard work and honesty. The cost of Nepali manpower is also comparatively very low. Various types of Nepali workers are spread all across the world, especially in the Gulf region and some parts of East Asian countries. The Nepali workforce is largely concentrated in Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kuwait, Macao, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and other European countries.

The manpower from Nepal is basically divided into four categories:

i. Professional manpower like Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Professors/Teachers, Chartered Accountants/Managers, Architects, Geologist/Soil Experts, Specialists in the field of Banking, Travel’s & Tours, etc.

ii. Skilled manpower like Certified Engineers, Pharmacist/ Laboratory Technicians, Security Guards, Cook & Chefs and other Construction related workforce like Carpenters, Welders, Painters, Steel & Tile Fixers, Plasterers, Plumbers, Pipe Fitters, etc.

iii. Semi-skilled manpower like Electric & Mechanic Assistants, Glass Cutters, Assistant Cooks, Waiters & Kitchen helpers, Washer & Pressmen, Gardeners, etc.

iv. Unskilled manpower like Cleaners, Guards & Watch Men, Construction workers and other various types of laborers.

Manpower Recruitment Procedure in Nepal:

As foreign employment has become one of the best lucrative sources to earn revenue for the country, the Government of Nepal has simplified the procedure to recruit manpower from Nepal, ensuring the safety and authenticity of the Nepali workers in the foreign land at the same time.

When recruiting Nepali employees through a licensed manpower firm registered with the Labor Department, the overseas employer who want to hire Nepalis should first submit an authenticated vacancy request. Upon the negotiation and receipt of such vacancy request, the licensed manpower agency applies for the recruitment permission from the Labor Department under the Labor Ministry of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. The Labor Department is the principal authority of the Government that supervises and monitors all the manpower recruitment agencies and their recruitment processes.

After the authentication of the vacancy request and the relevant documents submitted by the overseas employer through the licensed agency by the Labor Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Labor Department grants the permission to export Nepali manpower to the designated country. If the Labor Department deems it necessary, the Royal Nepalese Embassy stationed in that country is sometimes requested to further authenticate the overseas employer’s office for the safety and job guarantee of the Nepali workers.

To ensure that the job of Nepali manpower is guaranteed and they are dispatched abroad legally, Foreign Employment Promotion Department of the Government provides a permission letter to each employee going abroad and also offers a two-day orientation program as well as medical certificate and insurance. This permission letter is mandatory as it ensures job security for the Nepali workers wherever they are.

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