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...In some countries there is no hunger for bread. But people are suffering from terrible loneliness, terrible despair, terrible hatred, feeling unwanted, helpless, hopeless. They have forgotten how to smile, they have forgotten the beauty of the human touch. They are forgetting what is human love.

~ Mother Teresa

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Adopting a Child in Nepal

Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Almost 60% of the population lives under the poverty line. Due to extreme poverty, in most of the cases, the babies are abandoned by their parents and these little God’s Gift get into an orphanage and they wait for someone loving and caring to get them into their sweet homes to let them enjoy their fundamental rights.

There are lots of destitute children of both the sexes available for adoption in Nepal like in Bal Mandir – a state run orphanage.

According to the adoption rules of the Government in Nepal, infertile couples married for four years or even single women, widow, divorcee are eligible to adopt a child. The age difference between the adopted child and the parent should be not less than 35 and not more than 55 years.

Only one child of each sex is allowed for adoption except in the cases of twins. If the willing adoptive parent has his/her own offspring, in that case, acceptance to adopt a child of another sex can be granted and in this case the adopted child should age less than the offspring.

An application has to be submitted to adopt a Nepali son or a daughter. In case of married couples, the application should also include the infertility report, marriage certificate, family and economic condition statement, health, character certificates, copies of passport and visa and a letter of consent to adopt a Nepali child authorized by the officer of the concerned country.

In the case of unmarried, divorced, windowed single parent, a guarantee letter written by the government of his/her country or the Embassy of his/her country in Nepal has to be submitted confirming that he/she who is taking the child in adoption shall bear the whole responsibility including nourishment and education of the child including the authorized evidence.

Upon the approval of adoption, the child could travel to the country of the adoptive parents. Until the adopted child attains majority, the adoptive parent should inform the concerned orphanage, Royal Nepalese Embassy or Mission located in the concerned country and Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare of His Majesty's Government, in writing, on the child’s growth, diet, education and health every year.

The Royal Nepalese Embassy or Mission will also, on the basis of the documents submitted by the adoptive parents and information sent by the Government of Nepal, submit a monitoring report confirming the growth, diet, education and health of the adopted son/daughter, until he/she attains majority, is in accordance with the conditions to the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.

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