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Media in Nepal

While in Nepal, you can remain updated with the latest happenings provided by a wide range of newspapers, radio and television channels in the country.

The easiest and the cheapest way to do so is by buying local newspapers available at every nook and corner of the street. The leading English dailies are: 'The Himalayan Times', 'Kathmandu Post', 'The Rising Nepal'(Nepal's oldest newspaper) and 'eKantipur'- to name a few. Similarly, weekly and fortnightly periodicals like 'Himal', 'People's Review' and 'Explore Nepal' will also give you insights on current issues and affairs of the country.

Another way you can update yourself with the latest news is to tune into the radio. 'Radio Nepal', the national broadcast channel, broadcasts news in English three times a day viz. 8:00a.m, 2:00p.m and again at 8:00p.m.

Cyber cafes around the city are a fast growing business. While on the computer, you can read online news and keep yourself aware of all the happenings., and update news as it happens.

There are also a large number of FM stations to listen to. Some of the most popular FM stations are: 'Hits', 'Kantipur' and 'Classic' FM. You can listen to FM programs while traveling in taxis or even on the local buses!

During your stay at a hotel or even while at a restaurant, you can watch the National as well as International Television Channels that cater to all kinds of tastes. The National Television Channels in Nepal are: 'Nepal Television', 'NTV 2 Metro', 'Image channel', 'Kantipur television' and 'Nepal 1 Television'. There are also news based channels like 'Avenues' and 'Sagarmatha' that broadcast live accurate accounts of the developments that take place within the country.

Apart from English programs shown on T.Vs. and programs aired on radios, you can always entertain yourself with Nepali songs and dances as well.

Besides, you can never feel away from home with satellite connections for channels like the BBC, CNN, National Geographic and others 24hrs.a day.

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