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...If you arrive during
a week without a festival, it will probably be time for
marriage processions
in the streets.

~ Marc Cofer, Author

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General Information on Nepal

Namaste and Welcome to Nepal! To many visitors, the Himalayan Kingdom conjures up the images of snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills. Indeed, out of ten world’s tallest mountains, eight stands in Nepal, making Nepal a mountaineer’s dream. But Nepal has much more to offer than just the high breathtaking Himalayas.

A small country with an area of approximately 52,818 sq miles is diverse geographically as well as ethnically with more than 61 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages. You will find rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing rivers and tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, making your trip an unforgettable experience. It is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. However, all the people from different races and religions live in harmony and there is an ideal blending of Hinduism and Buddhism.

To cross a street in Kathmandu is to travel across centuries. Shrines, temples, palaces, palace squares, ageless sculptures and legends that are parts of every brick and stone and gilded masterpiece, make Kathmandu Valley a verifiable living museum.

Nepal Tourist Information Centers
Nepal Tourism Board, the tourist service center at Brikuti Mandap (Ph: 4256909) provides brochures and free posters on Nepal from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. On Fridays, it closes at 3 pm. The department stays open until 4 pm in winter. Other tourism information center locations are listed below with phone numbers.

Birgunj - 051-22083
Pokhara - 061-20028
Bhairawa - 071-20304
Janakpur - 041-20755
Kakarbhitta - 023-2020

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