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...I came to Nepal for a
5 day trek. It turned into 5 weeks. Now, I've been here 8 years.

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Finding Work in Nepal

There are lots of foreign people working in Nepal. While some are designated from their countries, there are many others who have chosen Nepal as their land of work. Many foreigners are either in voluntary service or are into various businesses like restaurants, import-export, etc.

The fascinating culture, heritage and beauty of Nepal and the people with friendly and helping attitude have got lots of tourists spellbound, lured and hypnotized towards Nepal. There are plenty of examples of tourists visiting Nepal for a short period of time but have been there since then.

Nepal is an easily approachable country for the tourists from all over the world from many angles. The first and foremost being the easy and trouble free issuance of visas. Various types of visas for Nepal can be obtained from the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions like Royal Nepalese Embassies or Consulates abroad. Visas are also issued at the immigration offices of eight different entry points to Nepal including Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

Voluntary Jobs in Nepal:
The process of Gaining by Giving - Voluntary work is the most beautiful and satisfying work in the world which teaches us the value of giving. We feel fulfilled when we give to others rather than when we take and for those giving ones, who are flexible and open to new culture, self motivated and always willing to learn with a deep desire to help the people of Nepal, there are lots of opportunities for voluntary work. Similarly, there are various sectors to render voluntary service too. The best source of information on this these days is internet as most of the voluntary job programs are posted on the websites.

One can be from any background but has to be above 18 years of age to get involved in voluntary work in Nepal. Some voluntary jobs seek experience like in the field of medicine. The volunteers would be required to meet their own travel arrangements but food and lodging would be provided as part of almost all volunteer placements. By living together with the local host families, the volunteers will get a chance to explore the unique culture, religion, lifestyle and environment in one’s day to day life while in Nepal. This would be somewhat like an exchange program where the host as well as the volunteer guest will learn a lot from each other and on top of that the volunteer also get the chance to taste the traditional Nepalese food.

In most of the cases, the volunteers would get to learn basic Nepali language too which would enable them to communicate with the local people and the home stay will be an added advantage to practice the language more.

Orphanages located in different parts of Nepal welcomes international volunteers. The volunteers will take care of the children and teach them other skills like art and also assist the kids with their school work.

Volunteer Camps offers the chance to work with other international volunteers and local villagers on various types of projects ranging from school renovations to community development projects. The volunteers would also delegate their physical and technical skills depending upon the projects.

Teaching English to elementary school children as per the curriculum by the native speakers or by someone fluent in English. The volunteers will teach a minimum of three hours a day from Sunday through Friday. The volunteers will also coordinate with the local teachers to develop new teaching methods so that these teachers could teach English to the students.

Health Education to school children - the volunteers will teach the students about health and sanitation for about two hours each day except Saturday. They will also provide information on First Aid to the local people.

Some other possible areas for voluntary work:

Conservation Works
Cross Cultural Volunteer Expeditions
Environmental Conservation
Medical Internship
Community Programs
Cultural Projects, etc.

Our sponsor - Global Cross Road has different volunteer programs to Nepal. They will give you a reason to get up early. Please check out their Programs to find out how.

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