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Email and Fax forwarding Service:

    Yes !!! You can use us as your "Home Email Location" during your stay in Nepal. We will take care of your all incoming mails until you come back "Home", Easylink. Or we will forward them to you no matter where you are. Now we have this service throughout the kingdom. You can also find us in one of the busiest tourist areas of Nepal- Pokhara, as QuickLink, our sister concern. Please refer to the chart below for price informat

International Phone Cards:

     International phone card usage is limited in Nepal. If you seek to connect to your home countries through your cards you will be charged just as much you would otherwise make connections normally. So international operators (186/187) can be of help. Call on us for more details.

We're not only about Communication:

We can also help you with:
Travel / Trek information
Hotel reservation
Air ticketing
Cargo and Postal Services

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