About Us :
EasyLink Cyber Cafes, first ever-established Cyber Cafe for foreigners in Nepal came into existence in 1996. Ever since, EasyLink has been a real boon for travelers, businesspeople, professionals and a multitude of other people from different walks of life.We are here at your utmost service to make you feel at HOME.

Yes, you can feel that you are in your own study room bumping keys of your keyboard.Absolutely, you can feel all that. Just pop into our homely office, take one of many computers, take some sips of drinks, cool down or warm up, take bites of Snickers Bars and send away bytes of messages or receive some on-line Electronic Bites from your beloved ones. It's all possible at the EasyLink Cyber Cafes.
A note from the founders:
Information and communication technology have inevitably emerged as an integral part of our daily lives. Our lives are now so constituted that we have even begun to feel that we can hardly do anything without an easy and smooth flow of communication. You will always be curious to know about your family, friends, relatives, dogs, cats, etc.Wheresoever you are. So here we are, as EasyLink, to help you thorough all these necessities with our professional experience, and that too at a very reasonable and down-to-earth price.So, you are most welcome to this Mini Cyber Space. Here everything goes cyber-way.

Pushpa and Mahendra Poudyal

Your Internet "Home away from Home"

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk into a place with a friendly & peaceful atmosphere, get a great cup of coffee and teas and sit down and read your email or newspaper or surf the web... or watch CNN in relaxing room even if you are not near your regular internet connection?

Why choose EasyLink ?

Because we really care.......!!!! Yes, we do.
We are easily accessible, in the bosom of Thamel, Kathmandu. Take a minute to look at the map below to locate us. Mostly we are recommended by first-timers. We simply do our best and ensure that every Internet user does his job in the best and cheapest possible way. Are you novice about computers ? Don't panic !!! We're there. We'll always stand by you to navigate. Our simple and pragmatic instruction will be more than enough. Then you'll begin to feel it really runs in your blood, some way. Isn't that something ?


Facts about us:

Established in 1996
First Cyber Cafe for foreigners.
High speed Connection.
Provision of volume and student discount.
Friendly and peaceful environment.
Best & cheapest service rate.
Easily accessible.
Recommended by you.
Connections throughout Nepal for fax and email forwarding service.
Connections with every local ISP in Nepal.
Overseas call facility

Beverages and snacks handy.
Wired to the world.
24 hours power backup
Lots of smile & friendly service

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