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About us

Visit Tibet Travel & Tours has over 13 years experience leading and organizing tours into Tibet, Nepal and China. A new office has been established in Kathmandu as Nepal has grown quickly into being a common doorway into Tibet. Visas and Tibet Entry Permits can be obtained quickly from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, after supplying the passport information for each person in your party.

Normally, tour groups into Tibet have no fewer than 5 people. With a local office in Nepal, it is always possible for individuals to join an existing group. Branching out on your own, by coordinating with the Visit Tibet Travel & Tours office in Lhasa is always possible.

Booking over the Internet through the inquiry form here is always possible and recommended. Additional itineraries and further requirements will be provided after initial contact. For a complete list of fees and a list of what is included and not included, please provide your requirements for travel and the destinations of interest. If you wish to receive a customized itinerary, please fill out the form as complete as possible and tell us you interests in the comments section.

Proffesional at Jorkhang
Tashilhumpo Monastery

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