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Star Tours and Travels also provides our valued guests their choice of religious activities such as Meditation to Purify the mind and body and to attain perfect health as well as to achieve spiritual solace.

We offer three basic types of meditation.

Osho Meditation

Osho Tapoban GA CENTER

Osho Tapoban is located at the outskirts of Kathmandu valley on the way to Kakani, amidst the Himalayan forest where Nagarjuna, the eminent exponent of Buddhist philosophy meditated for 30 years and attained ultimate enlightenment. Registered under the laws of Nepal , it is a non profit religious trust, with the sole objective of enhancing the quality of life as per the vision of Osho. It provides physical as well as mental relief from all strains of life

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Attractions :
Osho Tapoban has a variety of flowers , native trees and wildlife. Occasionally wild animals such as deers, the Royal Bengali Tiger, Leopards, Bears are spotted among the dense green forest. Beautiful waterfalls within the commune create a serene meditative atmosphere.
Activities :
Daily meditation : Osho Tapoban has six sessions of meditations every day.
Dynamic Meditation
Samadhi Darshan
Chakra Sound
Evening Satsang
Monthly meditation camps of 3 days and 7 days are organized on every full moon as well as requested date for beginners and advanced seekers. Please contact us for more information and reservations.

Buddhism meditation

Kopan Monastery


Kopan Monastery offers short residential courses in Buddhist meditation and practice throughout the year. These courses give a theoretical and practical introduction to Buddhist philosophy of the Tibetan Mahayana Tradition. They are based on one of the principal teachings of this tradition called 'The Graded Path to Enlightenment' (Lam Rim).
The courses combine lectures and teachings with meditation practice and discussion of relevant topics in a more informal way.
A three day retreat with intensive guided meditation on the Graded Path to Enlightenment follows the course.

The course is led by a Western nun with daily teachings from a Tibetan Lama, combining two styles of transmission of this precious knowledge on how to make life meaningful and worthwhile.
Booking is recommended. Please send us this form. Dates in 2000 March 18 - 24 SEVEN DAYS April 20 - 30 TEN DAYS May 22 - 1 JUNE TEN DAYS June 19 - 26 SEVEN DAYS September 19- 26 SEVEN DAYS October 9- 19 TEN DAYS

Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana meditation centre offers two courses every month at Nepal Vipassana Centre.
First course ; 1st to 12th of every month
Second course ; 14th to 25th of every month. Courses begin in the evening of the first day and early morning on the twelth day. The above schedule may be changed during the festival months of October and November. Satipatthan courses for old students who have completed three 10 day courses and 20/30 days courses for old students who have completed five 10 days and one satipatthan courses are also conducted. Children's and other special courses are conducted from time to time.


July 1 - July 12--- 10 Day Course
July 14 - July 25--- 10 Day Course
August 1 - August 12--- 10 Day Course
August 14 - August 25--- 10 Day Course
September 1 - September 12--- 10 Day Course
September 14 - September 25--- 10 Day Course
October 1 - October 12--- 10 Day Course
October 14 - October 25--- 10 Day Course
October 26 - November 6--- 10 Day Course
November 18 - November 29--- 10 Day Course
December 1 - December 12--- 10 Day Course
December 14 - December 25--- 10 Day Course
December 31 - January 1, 2001--- Children's Course

The Course ;
Vipassana courses are held regularly at permanent centres and rented sites in different countries. In addition to frequent ten day courses , special courses and long courses of 20,30 and 45 days are periodically offered for advanced students. Short children's courses in Anapana, the introductory part of the Vipassana technique, are regularly offered. The courses last for one to three days and serve children in two age groups : eight to eleven and twelve to fifteen.
All courses throughout the world are run solely on the basis of freely offered donations. There is no fee charged, the course is financed totally by donations from students who have completed a prior course and wish to share the benefits they themselves received by giving donations for the students who come after them. Neither the teacher nor the assistant teachers receive remuneration , they and those who serve the course volunteer their time. This practice is consistent with the pure tradition , whereby the teaching is to be offered freely, free from any taint of commercialism, and supported by donations stemming from the wholesome volitins of gratitude and generosity.
For further details and reservations please contact us.

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