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Why MoneyGram to send Money to Nepal?

It is a fast, safe, easy, reliable and convenient way to send or receive money in minutes around the world. There is no other service to match it for speed and simplicity.

Secure and reliable

An extensive network of quality agents, linked by computer, will transfer your money safely and ensure that it is handled with care and without delay. Thousands of people already use the MoneyGram® service all over the world. It is trusted for its reliability and security.

Convenient and fast

MoneyGram® is available in over 130 countries and in more than 30,000 locations worldwide. With MoneyGram® , your money is transferred immediately and usually arrives at the receiving end in 10 minutes. Other services can take days or weeks. There are no complicated procedures and you don't need a bank account or credit card. What's more, the receiver is handed the cash immediately.


Free message service

There's also an added personal touch - you can include a 10 word message with every transaction at no extra cost.

When to use the MoneyGram service?

When working overseas and needing to send money back home to your family.
When needing to send cash to a friend, relative or even an employee in a different country or city.
In an emergency when travelling, e.g. your wallet is lost or stolen or you need money to return home.
When a son or daughter has run out of cash while on holiday, or away at school, and needs money urgently.

In fact, the MoneyGram® service is for anyone who needs to send or receive money quickly and safely.

The MoneyGram® service is a fast, safe, reliable and convenient way to send or receive money in minutes around the world.


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