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A new project in Nepal in trekker's paradise

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An artist's impression of The GHANDRUK BUDDHIST MONASTERY PROJECT as seen from Ghandruk Village



  • Construction to start in 1999*, or as soon as funding is complete. For details, see "Fundraising" below. This project will be funded 100% from private sources.
  • Located half-way between Pokhara (Nepal's second most important city after Kathmandu) and the Annapurna Base Camp.
  • Accessible only on foot, monastery complex will be built on a hill dominating the most picturesque Gurung village of Ghandruk (population of 11,000 people, 800 houses, at an altitude of 1,960 meters or 6,600 feet). The complex will be implanted in an area known as Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).
  • A favorite stopover for tourists, Ghandruk is ideally located along the Annapurna trail. The town offers many fine hotel accommodations. In 1997, about 60,000 tourists visited this area, making it the most popular trek in the country.

    * Project now under favorable consideration, but subject to final authorization by ACAP and KMTNC.


    The project will initially accommodate one or two Lamas and two or three assistants. In addition to the monastery, construction plans include a Meditation Center, a Reference Library to receive a unique collection of Buddhist works and a Spiritual Music School, where children can learn the art of Tibetan blowhorns, cymbals, bells, etc. And because the project will be multi-purpose and be structured so as to be "Self Sustaining", it will also have:

  • 1. A cafeteria to provide food and drinks for monks as well as tourists.
  • 2. Several shops to sell locally made handicrafts.

    These facilities will generate income for the community. To complement direct donations from visiting tourists, the community will also derive steady income from an endowment fund to be created with portion of the proceeds from the "FUND RAISING DRIVE". (see below)



    Subject to contract, most if not all, these services will be contracted out to ACAP launched in 1986, under the aegis of King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation (KMTNC). ACAP is Nepal's first and largest conservation area, covering over 7,600 square kilometers. It stretches from Pokhara in the south to upper Mustang, near the Chinese frontier, to the north. ACAP has, to date, been actively involved in some 23 Gompa/Temple support projects in this area.



   As previously stated, funding for this project will be provided 100% from private sources. It will be headed up by a Fundraising Committee Chairman, whose name appears below. We appeal to trekkers in particular, who were the first to observe: "why isn't there a Buddhist Monastery somewhere along the Annapurna trail?" One tourist from France took the cue and the project was born…! To bring the project to its successful completion, we are also counting on all the people who love nature, who understand and appreciate the exceptional beauty of this land and who value the conservation for sustainable development. Tourists from many countries have already signed a petition (still circulating) to indicate their hearty support. We expect that many more will wish to sign.

    We believe that "The Ghandruk Buddhist Monastery Project" is not just a local issue but rather concerns everyone in the international community.

    As soon as the project's final cost figures are known, these figures will be made public. At that time the members of the Fundraising Committee will of course launch a full fledged international appeal notably to large American, Japanese and European Companies, asking for financial contributions.

    In the immediate period ahead, we invite your inquiries. We will attempt to reply individually to each inquirer, insofar as it is possible.

Friends of Nepal, write in!


We can now accept your donations for which a formal receipt will be issued. Please visit the website for the trust sponsoring the project.

The Himalayan Kingdom
Foundation Trust


       Theo Steinert
       Chairman, Fundraising Committee
       Ghandruk Buddhist Monastery Project
       GPO Box 14459
       Kathmandu, Nepal
       Fax: 33-5592242 81