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Feeling at peace with nature and being with yourself with the clean mountain air and the majestic view of the Himalaya to add to your aesthetic experience and to bask in the warm glow of the hospitality of the sturdy hill folks is what a trek in Nepal means. A sense of wonder and awe inspired by the landscape and the life style almost unchanged for generations is a memory long to be cherished.

Treks in Nepal can be broadly classified into three categories:

There are standards treks for those with time constraints and less nimbler limbs that provide a glimpse into the life, culture and natural heritage of the country.

For those with time and the inclination and a reasonable physical fitness there are extended trips that take you into the far interior and remote parts of the country some of which are like walking back into history.

The third option is for the ones driven with a strong sense of adventure that requires both physical fitness and determination to take into stride some of the most rugged terrain that can soar upto 6500 meters.

It should be remembered that a trek is not exactly a climbing experience; one can afford to walk at one own's pace to reach to the camp site which are carefully selected by our experienced Sherpa guides, two of whom have scaled Mt.Everest. A rucksack / day-pack with a few basic personal belongings like cameras, water bottles etc. is all one needs to carry, failing to cope even with these our porters will be more than willing to assist you. On all these treks one is required to walk about 6 to 7 hours a day.