Nepal the fabled Shangri La of Yore, is where your adventure into the Himalaya Begins starting at the lowly height of 200
meters above sea level, the land in Nepal soars up dramatically to the highest point on earth, Mt.Everest, 8,848 meters. Interspersed between these two extremes are some of the most beautiful landscapes and views to be found anywhere in the world.

Mt.Everest, flanked by its equally famous sentinels Lhotse and
Nuptse, striking you spellbound by its serene majesty. Being marvel struck by the wild barrenness of the Tibetan Plateau's extension in Mustang. Watching with sheer wonder the Kali Gandaki plunging into the deepest gorge in the world created by the twin efforts of the mighty Annapurna on one side and the even more awesome Dhaulagiri on the other. The secret delight you feel spying on the Musk deer amid the Blue Sheep frolicking among the rocky precipices of Dolpa. These are but some of the moments that endure in your heart long after the experience is over. And your experience do not end here. For, while seeking pleasures of the sublime kind among the perennial snows, personal mementoes of your stay in Nepal is more likely to come from your hosts. It is often said that the beauty of Nepal lies as much in its people as in its topography. As varied as the terrain of Nepal are the cultures of the people that populate it. One finds here sometimes a practice of social customs not shared by a neighbouring village. But one also finds many people following a quaint blend of Buddhism, Hinduism and shamanism. Overriding all such distinctions is the legendary friendliness and hospitality of the Nepalese.

Ever since Nepal opened its doors to the modern age in the 1950s, it has become a favourite destination of adventure travelers worldwide. Pleasure seekers looking for some sporting challenge or just a leisurely walk along the countless trails that crisis-cross the Nepali hills or both all find satisfaction here.

However for the past few years a growing concern over the uncontrolled influx of tourists on a slap-dash run of the mountains has been evident. This feeling is shared by all, be they the local environmentalist, the foreign tour operator, the travel writer, the nepalophile or the casual trekker. Diverse though the sources of discontent are, a consensus on the need for responsible tourism has certainly been reached. Lomanthang Treks is one such effort striving to mould the needs of visitors to their surroundings for a mutually gratifying experience.

Lomanthang Treks borrows its name from Lomanthang, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lo (popularly known as Mustang). It is headquartered at Jomsom, the administrative center of Mustang District and also the hometown of Mr.Nirmal Gauchan, the Managing Director.

Lomanthang Treks is a subtle expression for the need to balance the tourist trade with the expectation of the local populace at large along with its effects on the environment. In this regard, Lomanthang Treks intends, as far as possible, to utilize local produce to supplement the specific dietary requirements of clients. Emphasis is being given by the company to train young individuals of the region to lead treks. Keeping in mind the disappearing forest cover evident almost everywhere in Nepal, Lomanthang Treks is using ponies and mules in a scheme to limit the number of people entering areas where their presence would require an unnecessary excess of firewood burning. In another approach to the same problem, Lomanthang Treks is not providing boiled water to its guests but will instead rely on iodine tablets for water purification. These are some of the initiates being pioneered by Lomanthang Treks for what it hopes will be an aesthetically satisfying trip for the visitors and an economically and environmentally beneficial one for the visited.
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