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About Us:
Joint Secretary of Tourism Ministry, inaugurating KMB's new office on January 1st, 2000. KMB is the first mountain bike company to be inaugurated by a high ranking official of His Majesty's Government of Nepal.

Kathmandu Mountain Bikes is a Nepalese Biking Tour Company, owned and managed by native Himalayan Mountain Bikers of Nepal - perhaps the first one to be officially registered and established in the Kingdom of Nepal.

Come and join our biking adventures, from light and introductory biking to the ultimate challenge of negotiating age old trade routes winding along the mountain ranges towards the higher Himalaya.

Nepal has all the ingredients for classic mountain bike travel, staggering mountain scenery, miles of serene rural dirt trails and tranquil tarmac roads which lead you away from the bustle of Kathmandu. Once off the tourist track, we will trace the trails through lush terraced fields, small villages to ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples and shrines. Our tours take you through the middle hills of Nepal as well as the southern Terai plains and the Northern Annapurna range including the peaceful routes around Pokhara.

Mountain biking offers a tremendous way to see the most exotic sights of our kingdom, such as the ancient routes of Trans-Himalayan traders and the rural village life of Nepal. Here you will feel as though you had been swept back and absorbed into the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna which forms the basis of our heritage.

Our biking adventures are, like the scenery of Nepal, varied and we offer many different packages, from easy introductory biking trails, to the ultimate challenge of negotiating the age old trade routes which wind their way along the mountain ranges through the Himalayas.

Mountain biking is also a great way to explore the Kathmandu Valley. After visiting the monuments or the temple complexes, you can get away from the hustle bustle of the urban life. You can simply peddle at your own pace, along hidden trails to rarely visited areas of local villages where traditional rural life style remains preserved and the friendly smiles leave lasting memories.

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