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Kathmandu is a city with a rich cultural past. A past that is reflected in its enduring temples, fascinating art and ancient architecture, colorful festivals, and an equally alluring tradition that has been carefully preserved to this day. Hotel Karma is your "HOME AWAY FROM HOME" in Kathmandu.
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Wall to wall carpeted rooms
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Attached baths with 24 hour hot water
bullet.gif (841 bytes) STD,ISD,Fax,Telex and Postal service
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Room to room Phoning System
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Laundry Service
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Efficient Room Service
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Free Safety Deposit
bullet.gif (841 bytes) Luggage storage facilities
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