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Dear All,

Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) is going to organize the Kayak Rodeo Festival 2003 on the Seti River (Pokhara) from the 8th to 10th October 2003. The major objectives of this Kayak Rodeo Program are to develop interest among the people on the water sports and help contribute to the promotion of the river tourism industry in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Entrance Tickets:
Nepali Kayakers: NRs. 1000
International Kayakers: US$ 40

NB: This cost includes bus shuttle transportation from Pokhara to Rodeo spot, Life bands, Floodlights, Camping preparations, during the 8th October - 10th October.
The prizes for the winners in the kayak rodeo are more than US $ 5,000 worth. Participants will get one free t-shirt of Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) and Shivaoutdoors.



8th October
0900-1130: Inauguration ceremony, 1130-1300: Lunch 1400-1700: Downriver slalom/race, after 1700: Playtime, Warm up on play hole, floodlights will be provided, night kayaking is possible.

9th October
0900-1130: Rafting slalom, 1130-1300: Lunch, 1400-1600: Qualifiers for international men rodeo, Life band at play hole site, 1700-1800: Qualifiers for Nepalese men rodeo

10th October
0900-1000: Nepalese Junior finals, 1000-1130: Nepalese men finals, 1130-1300: Lunch, 1330-1500: International mens heat, 1500-1700: Feel free for fun, 1700-1830: Winners announcement, prizes etc., 1830-1930: Dinner, Night kayaking, Party out, Live Music Band open finish at site.

Full moon celebration (if we can get the permission from the Pokhara Municipality, we will stay longer, if not, we will move to Pokhara, also in case the weather is unstable)

This itinerary is a rough sketch and might be changed accordingly if numbers of participants increase or decrease. At this moment we are looking at 50 participants (international) and about 20 participants (local), there will be some 100-150 onlookers.

For Further Information:
Call @ 977-1-4426329, 977-1-4435207, 977-061-523240
E-mail @ HYPERLINK "mailto:nrct@wlink.com.np" nrct@wlink.com.np or HYPERLINK "mailto:info@nepalrivers.org" info@nepalrivers.org
P.O Box: 12346, Kathmandu, Nepal

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