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  Nepal is the land that made trekking famous and litte wonder, for it is a land of many mountain trails and few roads. Trekking is the only way to see that Himalayan up close, to explore traditional villages and meet the friendly countryside people. Much of the rich flora and fauna of the country is preserved in the many national parks and wildlife reserves and most of the trekking routes pass through these places. Trekking in Nepal both an invistigating wilderness experience and a deeply enriching cultural experience.  
Trekking  in  Nepal-
  We offer following Interesting Treks:

  • Trekking Permit
  • Medical Advice
  • Some popular trekking arear of Nepal
  • Annapurna Region
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • Annapurna Circuit Trek
  • Ghorepani Trek
  • Langtang Trek
  • Shivapuri Trek
  • Everest Trek
  • Kathmandu valley Rim Trek
  • Royal Trek
  • Jomsom Trek
  • Mustang Trek
  • Helambu - Gosainkunda Langtang Trek
  • Dolpo Trek
  • Kanchanjunga Trek
  • Arun Valley Trek
  • Expedition and Peak Climbing

  • Trekking Chart with duration
  • Cost of Trek
  • Trekking Chart with Duration:     Download Our Trekking Package

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek Pokhara 10-14 C Oct-May 6993
    Annapurna Circuit Trek Beshishar 18-20 C Sep-Dec,Mar-May  
    Ghorepani Trek Pokhara 6-8   Oct-may  
    Langtang Trek Dhunche 9-15   Oct-May  
    Shivapuri Trek Kathmandu 3-5   Sep-June 2800
    Everest Trek Jiri/Lukla 3-5   Sep-May  
    Kathmandu valley Rim Trek Kathmandu 5 C Whole year 2300
    Royal Trek Kathmandu 4 C Whole year 1730
    Jomsom Trek   9 C Autumn, spring,winter 3700
    Mustang Trek   14 A Autumn, spring,summer 4200
    Helambu - Gosainkunda Langtang Trek   16 B Spring, Autumn 4609
    Dolpo Trek   13 A Spring, Autumn 5199
    Kanchanjunga Trek   21 A Spring, Autumn 5100
    Arun Valley Trek   21 A Spring, Autumn 5000
    Expedition and Peak Climbing          

    Trekking Permit:
    Trekking Premit is not essential for the general and popular trekking area such as Annapurna, Everest & Langtang. Trekking permit is essential for other area except than above. It can be obtained from the Department of Immigration, Nepal.

    Medical Advice:
    Modern medical facilities are not available in the remote areas of Nepal.It is therefore necessary to take sufficient medical supplies for the trek. In case of serious illness or injuiry, patients should be evacuated as rapidly as possible to Kathmandu where there are good hospitals. A particularly important medical consideration in Nepal is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), the effect of altitude on those who ascend too rapidly to elevation above 3000 meters.

    Some popular Trekking Area of Nepal 

    1. Annapurna Region  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] [] Trekking in  Nepal-

     Annapurna National Park and Conservation Area receives more than 50,000 trekkers every year. It is rich in variety and vistas from the rolling hills of Marshyangdi to the Himalayan interior, providing the complete trekking experience. The Annapurna range dominates the skyline and includes the unique fishtail shaped peak of Mt. Machhapuchhre (6993m), which can be viewed from Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal. The park covers an area inhabited by a wide diversity of people, and streches to the north of the main Himalayan range onto the high Tibetan Plateau.


    1.1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] []

    For a short trek with few altitude problems, the Annapurna region provide you with unparalled access to spectacular horizons of snowy peaks, so high that you'll find yourself looking twice before you believe that they are not clouds. As well as providing the views for which the trek is famous, the trail takes you through an ever-changing landscape of rice fields, misty forests and tiny local villages.
    Starting Piont: Pokhara
    No. of days: 10-14 days
    Best Season: Oct-May

    1.2. Annapurna Circuit Trek  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] []
    Few places in the world have such a splendid variety of natural beauty as the Annapurna region. It is rare combination of long arrays of snow capped peaks, crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers with deep gorges, Tibetan monasteries, hot springs.
    Starting Piont: Beshibar
    No. of days: 18-20 days
    Best Season: Sep-Dec, Mar-May

    1.3. Ghorepani Trek  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] [Trekking in  Nepal-
     For those with only a few days to spare, the Ghorepani trek is a colourful short foray into the Annapurna region. The trail winds through patchwork valleys, dense mossy forests and past icy waterfalls where you can stop to cool your face. Around every corner is a tantalizing glimpse of the high mountains, whole horizonts of which will be revealed to you as you reach the high points of you trek.
    Starting Piont: Pokhara
    No. of days: 6-8 days
    Best Season: Oct-May

    2. Langtang Trek  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] []

    The Langtang trel is aptly called "the valley of glaciers". Here mountains rise soaring to the sky. The valley offers pine forest, swift mountain streams, rugged rock and snow capped peaks, grassy downs and meadows strewn with daisies and wild primal. In the upper port of the valley there are snow ridges spanning angry torrents, high passes enveloped in the mists, tiny lakes of crystalline brightness and glaciated mountain giants.
    Starting Piont: Dhunche
    No. of days: 9-15 days
    Best Season: Oct-May

    3. Shivapuri Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] [Trekking in  Nepal-

     Few people trek around the Kathmandu valley. Yet it provied a rich insight into the live, history culture and religion, together with the picturesque daily tion in the fields by its inhabitants. The valey rim lies between 1800 and 2800m and in spring offers clearly flowering rhododendrons. In autumn and winter there are wonderful mountain vistas which can, from certain viewpoints, stretch from Everest in the East to Annapurna in the West.
    Starting Piont: Kathmandu
    No. of days: 3-5 days
    Best Season: Sep-June

    4. Everest Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] [Trekking in  Nepal-

        Many Treks,Appropriate tariffs, rates, facilities,Everest,Langtang,etc Trek

     With eight of the worlds ten highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountain vistas. The Everest trek is justfiably famous not only for its proximity to the worlds' highest mountain but also for its friendly Sherpa people, picturesques villages, great variety of cultures and tradition, colorful frestivals and monasteries. The Sagarmmatha (Everest) National Park lies within this area, which is listed as World Heritage Site.
    Starting Piont: Jiri/Lukla
    No. of days: 3-5 days
    Best Season: Sep-June

    Cost: 45$ (US Forty Five Dollars only) per day per person for any trek.


    5. Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] []

      Duration of Trek: 5 Days ~ Highest point 2300 m
    Recommended Season: Whole Year ~ Grade C

    Ideal for those visitors to Nepal who are not looking for a full trekking experience but would like to see some of the customs and ways of life of the people outside the city. The Kathmandu Valley is surrounded by hills whose heights are up to almost 3000m and from there you can get views of the Himalayas as far away as Everest.

    6. Royal Trek   [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] []

    Duration of Trek: 4 Days ~ Highest point: 1730 m
     Recommended Season :Whole Year ~ Grade: C 

    The Royal Trek is a short trek of only 4 days. It has been designed especially for those  people who do not have much time for trekking. This trek is very ease, short and is known as Royal Trek because, the British Prince Charles walked this trial.

    7. Jomsom Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] []

    Recommended Season: Autumn, Spring ,Winter ~ Highest point: 3700m
    Duration of trek 9 days ~ Grade: B

    Jomsom is best for those who choose the village in approach to trekking, Youll share the trail with trains of burros and ponies travelling to Mustang. Jomsom is situated in the upper Kaligandaki Valley beyond Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himal. It takes 6-7 days to reach Jomsom. Mountain views are spectacular.

    8. Mustang Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] [ Mustang Trekking in Nepal

    Recommended Season: Spring, Autumn, Summer ~ Highest point: 4200m
    Duration of trek:14 days ~ Grade :A

    This region gives us beautiful desert landscape full of life and changing colors. These towns still cling to the lifestyle of their ancestors. Towns are still not affected by heavy tourism. Mustang has an average elevation of 4000m above sea level. It is located north of the mountain giant Dhaulagiri and Annapurna - thus north of the Himalayan main ridge, geographically belonging to the highlands of Tibet.

    9. Helambu-GosainkundaLangtang Trek  [Contact...] [Details...] [] []  [] []

    Duration of Trek: 16 days ~ Highest point: 4,609m
    Recommended Season : Spring , Autumn ~ Grade: B

    10. Dolpo Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] []

    Duration of the trek: 13 days ~ Highest point : 5199m
    Season: Spring , Autumn ~ Grade: A

    11. Kanchanjunga Trek  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] []

    Duration of the trek :21 days ~ Highest point: 5100m
    Season: ; Spring, Autumn ~ Grade : A

    12. Arun Valley Trek  [Contact...] [Details...]  [] [] [] []

    Duration of the trek: 21 Days ~ Highest point: 5000 m
    Recommended Season: Spring, Autumn ~ Grade: A

    13. Expedition And Peak Climbing  [Contact...] [Details...] [] [] [] []   Chitwan Natioanl Park

    All Expeditions and Peaks require special permission and planning.
    Through out Asia, Chitwan national park is supposed to be the biggest safari park. To enjoy the sight of wildlife, one should have patience as most of the wild animals hide from the people. Look closely and you may see leopards, tigers, deer, wild boar, horn rhinoceroses, elephants, crocodiles, etc. Chitwan contains more than 400 species of birds. You may canoe, walk or take an elephant-back safari.  


    Hot Tips, New guide lines, Recommendations 


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