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Hotel Hermitage Tariff-2    print




Special Offer upto 30 - 45% discount, till 31st Sept.05 on the given rate above.

Transfer Cost
1. Kathmandu to Hotel (by air)
Including ground transfer US$ 70.00 per person
2. Kathmandu to Hotel (in private vehicle by road) US$ 55.00 (if one pax only) & US$ 30.00 per person (two pax & above)
3. Pokhara to Hotel (in private vehicle by road)
US$ 60.00 (if one pax only) & US$ 35.00 per person (two pax & above)
4. Narayanghat / Bharatpur Airport to Hotel.
US$ 15.00 per person
5. Deoghat / Jugedi to Hotel.
US$ 20.00 per person
6. Mugling to Hotel.
US$ 30.00 per person
7. Kathmandu / Hotel / Kathmandu (in tourist vehicle by road) US$ 9.00 per person 8. Kathmandu / Hotel / Kathmandu (in Green line Bus by road)
US$ 20.00 per person
9. Kathmandu / Hotel / Pokhara/Kathmandu (in tourist vehicle by road) US$15.00 Per person 10. Kathmandu / Hotel / Pokhara/Kathmandu (in Green line bus or Air condition tourist bus by road)
US$30.00 Per person







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