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  Torgovi-Dom Nepal «TD-Nepal» is an Unique Trading House of Nepal in Russia. It consists of an Universal Search System (USS) for extracting informations about tourism, travel and tours, handicrafts, tea and garments manufactured in Nepal. Going through this universal site, one can get more accurate informations and can order materials of various categories also.

  Nepal is a land of extreme contrasts in climate and geography. It has a unique topography ranging from lowlands with sub-tropical jungles to arctic conditions in the Himalayan highlands. Nepal's climate range from tropical in the lowlands to arctic in the higher altitudes. The best time is October and November to visit the high altitude Himalayan parks.

  Nepal has many famous national parks such as Royal Chitwan National Park, Royal Bardia National Park, Sagarmatha National park, Langtang National park, Shey Phoksundo National park, Rara National Park, and others. Royal Chitwan National Park is Nepal's first amd most famous national park situated in the Chitwan Doon or the lowlands of the Inner Terai.
  HOTEL HERMITAGE is a global tour firm situated at Kathmandu Valley and the Chitwan Doon, and contains comfortable hotels designed to bring in the upmost physical comforts, mental peace and thrilling aesthetic pleasures to the esteemed global visitors to this wildlife sanctuary. Hotel Hermitage has a host of various hotel-sponsored programmes such as Elephant Safari, Special Bird Watching, Elephant Breeding Centre Visit, Jungle Drive, Canone-Riding, Jungle Trek, Cultural Tour.
  Hotel Hermitage also makes the necessary arrangements for the following other services for interested guests on additional charges: River-rafting, trekking, expedition(with pick permit), sight seeing, air-ticketing, tourist bus ticketing, hotel-booking, visa extension, cargoes, STD, ISD calls and FAX. Hundreds of visitors and guests from many countries such as Russia, Germany, America, Australia, and other countries, are suffering every year from Hotel Hermitage. Hotel Hermitage Tariff is available here.

  Nepal is famous for global export of handicrafts all over the world. The main handicrafts manufactured in Nepal are made of wool, wood, metall or soil. All the handicrafts imported to Russia from Nepal are of high quality and guarenteed products. Handicraft Prices are available here.

  Tea companies,which are situated at Ilam and other places of Nepal, are manufacturing famous and testy tea. Also many visitors and new-commers like food and food materials of Nepal. Torgovi-Dom Nepal has collected all the food materials and has a kitchen with cheap tariff. Available Tea and food materials prices are here.

 If you have any suggestions, materials related to tourism or business proposals, feel free to submit here. Torgovi-Dom Nepal site page(http://www.tdnepal.ru) welcomes you!     

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