A host of hotel sponsored programmes A host of hotel sponsored programmes

Elephant Safari

With full security guaranteed, guests are taken in the morning and evening hours on elephant backs through the park for watching animals in their natural habitat. One horned Rhinoceros, Bears, different species of Deer, Royal Bengal Tigers and Leopards are just a few of them. Of course the guests have to be lucky to catch a casual glimpse of the latter two animals. The trip takes about one hour and a half.

Jungle Treks

Thoroughly trained and experienced tourist guides take the guests for a few hours walk through the jungle filled with many species of the flora and founa. Guests not willing to return to their camps on foot are provided with vehicular rides as well.


This is carried out in the Rapti river flowing through the park. It provides the guests with alternative opportunities of viewing the innumerable varieties of forest animals, birds, marsh muggers and Gharial Crocodiles.

Jungle Drive

This motor drive meant for those not relishing the foot walk takes the guests from the park at Sauraha to the Park's headquarters at Kasara. The use of a motor transport does not mar the fun in anyway.

Special Bird Watching

This program gives the guests the opportunity of viewing most of the five hundred thirty varieties of world famous birds. The chirping of all these birds especially in the early morning hours is a rare musical treat.

Elephant Breeding Center Visit

It is believed that the Elephant Breeding Center outside the park here is one of the only two in the world, another being in Sri-Lanka. Guests here can occasionally see the love making of the Elephants. The sight of the baby Elephant in the company of its parents is indeed a great pleasure.

Cultural Tour

This tour takes the guests through Tharu community village
around the park. The guests are also entertained through
different Tharu related cultural programs, the stick dance
being quite popular among them.


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