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 The company is fully equipped with all trekking cum climbing equipment’s. All possible communication facilities such as fax, e-mail, internet, ISD are available within the company. The company uses its own vehicles for transportation, thus avoiding the nuisance and harassment of long waiting hours.

Since the income of a trekking agency entirely depends on the nation’s various mountains and peaks the company also contributes towards the preservation, cleaning and social activities. Effective from last year the company has contributed to the nation’s natural calamities funds and other needful activities. A certain percentage of the income has been allocated for these relief funds contributed by the management, staff and also the clients of our company. During off-seasons the company contributes towards the cleaning of various trekking routes. Also during off seasons the management spends time and energy to explore new routes which are easily accessible from Kathmandu.

The finding of these new routes has benefited the people of these remote areas as they have started earning regular incomes and tourists have also been benefited from by these routes where trekkers movement is quite less enabling them to enjoy complete freedom. The contribution made by the company enabling them to find new routes are Kalinchok and Panchpokhari.

The company during season time is open seven days a week with long working hours till late in the evening. This helps immensely in emergencies or when any problems arise during treks or even for a tourist wanting to get information at his convenient time.The company has made a policy of permanently staying at the same office building for a period of twenty years.

Starting with Asia now by the beginning of 1999 economic recession and economic problems have affected the whole world. On the other hand the desire and demand of tourists to still travel is also very strong. The company has directed all its attention towards this prevailing scenario. To overcome this problem the company quotes very practial and competitive prices much lower than the rates applied by other trekking companies, the basic reason being the company possesses as all the necessary equipment, gadgets and infrastructure completely of its own.

The company is basically a trekking and expedition company, but from the experience of the past for quite some time the company is capable of providing any other kind of services related to tourism, be it jungle safari, rafting, travel, or air ticket to any destination of the world. These services are being provided kecping in view a client’s convenience so that he be saved from the hassle and wasted time. The company only hires license holder trekking guides, trained from the institute run by His Majesty ‘s Government. The management and staff also have knowledge of various other languages apart from English such as Japanese, German, French and Italian. Since the company is a license holder of His Majesty‘s Government, for rescue operation during emergencies, the company can immediately avail a helicopter, whether be it a military or a privately owned. If a client is fully insured the company is capable of releasing a helicopter without taking any deposit. As operations is the key factor to a successful trekking agency.Every effort has been given for the efficient and smooth operations. Thrice a year meetings are held among the staff and management to review the over all activities and areas of improvement. During the busy course of time inflation which is now growing rapidly may sometimes not be in the knowledge of the management at a given particular time.

In this situation the management is immediately apprised of and accordingly wages and remuneration of porters, trekking guide, cook and helpers are raised so that there would be no hindrance to the operational side. The staff are fully insured for high altitude climbing. Porters are also provided clothing annually which facilitates them as equal to trekking guide.

Interested clients wanting to come to Nepal who need information can do so from their respective countries with our liaison offices at different countries. And for more information you could can contact our Head office in Kathmandu, at Thamel.