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Happy Adventure Trekking was established by three young enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the Year 1993. These three founder directors namely Mr. Raju Adhikary, Min Panta and Sonam Sherpa set out together to put their expertise in the field of Trekking. Happy Adventure Trekking initially started with a total strength of 15 staff. Now in 1999 the company employs 60 staff who are all permanent. Happy Adventure is fully approved and license holder under Ministry of Tourism, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal.

Short backgrounds of these three founder directors are stated below.

Mr. Min Panta, Managing Director – Mr Panta is in charge of the over all activities. He specialiese in the trekking routes that are in the restricted areas, with a sound experience of 14 years.

Mr. Raju Adhikari, Director Administration – He has a comfortable experience of 11 Years in the field of Trekking. He specializes in the administrative section.

Mr. Sonam Sherpa, Director Operations – Mr. Sherpa is fully exposed to almost all the regions and routes in Nepal. He also possesses expert knowledge in climbing. He has also experienced the difficult and most difficult trails. He has an experience of 14 years in the field of Trekking.

M/S Susanne Kuhnel, Founder Member – Has been promoting Happy Adventure. Happy Adventure was named by her. She has a contribution towards the promotion of the company. The company at its present situtation is largely due to her contribution. She has experienced all the trekking routes of Nepal and therefore is a pride to the company.

M/S Bridgete, Group Leader – She knows all trekking routes in Nepal. A well wisher of the company. She comes to Nepal five times a year bringing groups.