Amity Carpet
Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
Manufacturers and Exporters
Hand-made Woolen Carpets
We would like to welcome you to the most exciting world of hand made woolen carpets produced by one of the most experienced and dexterous carpet manufactures in Nepal.

Our carpets are manufactured totally by able hands in traditional Tibetan method adopting a very wide range of designs and knot densities to satisy the tastes for both modern and traditional decors, also keeping utmost precaution to maintain their indigenous beauty and strength.
Carpets - Tibetan and New Zealand Wool, Hand Made, Swiss Chemical Dyes

Besides everything else, our carpets are created in a way like the nature creates flowers and presented to you like the most precious gift for your happiness. They are certainly not merely some pieces of woolen floorings available anywhere in your market. We are very sure that you will be amazed to see the live reality of the dream which you have visualised during the most poetical moment of your life, immidiately after finding our carpet in your possession..

Carpets - Tibetan and New Zealand Wool, Hand Made, Swiss Chemical Dyes

Please go through some of our designs which we have demonstrated here for you and ask us at the following address for more designs, business inquiry and other details.


Wool 100% Newzealand Wool
100% Tibetan Wool
Blend of Tibetan & Newzealand wool
Dyes Swiss Chemical Dyes - Assures Color Fastness
Size 40 cm X 40 cm - to - 400 cm X 600 cm
Knots 60, 80, 100 and 150 Knots
Pile Height 1 cm - 2.5 cm
Weaving Method Traditional Tibetan Method

Contact Information:
Attn: Basanta Malla
Tel: 977-1-226607, 221814
Fax: 977-1-484664, 229416
Amity Carpet Industries
Pvt. Ltd.
P.O.Box: 2291
Darbar Marg
Kathmandu, Nepal

Banking Information:
Attn: Basanta Malla
Amity Carpet Industries Pvt. Ltd
Acct#: 010000002411
Bank of Kathmandu
Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu
Tel: 977-1-418068, 421552
Fax: 977-1-418990
Telex: 2820 BOK NP

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